Monochrome madness #21: Full Facial

german_shepherd_monochrome Amber, the German shepherd, with barely a hair out of place,  for Monochrome Madness week #21


10 thoughts on “Monochrome madness #21: Full Facial

  1. wonderful portrait of a wise dog
    – and thank you for your wise comment at
    once I was published with my opinion in the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL
    commenting the fact, that East Germany (D.D.R.) had lots of German shepherds to guard the wall.
    The Shepherds were attached to ropes, which in turn were associated with loops on the so-called run-ropes.
    The ropes were stretched over a frozen lake. When the ice melted, none freed the Shepherds.
    They were drowned. In 1989.

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