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Thursday trees: Shade is all

Aboreal posts have been overlooked since I cogitated on the predations of tree butchers contractors before my own back surgery back in June!

What better time than to re-dedicate Thursday to the shade wallahs of our stifling London air, where even the hardiest of Limes and Planes are having to dig deep for sustenance and begin to shed foliage for conservation.

Shot in early morning, a couple of weeks ago, these Thursday trees retain their cool.

lime leaves dapple in Gordon square
lighting the boundary of Woburn square
shade for all in the Lime walk of Gordon square
an invitation to stop and look in Woburn square


playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

12 thoughts on “Thursday trees: Shade is all

  1. OK, just checking. When I lived near Columbia University on NY’s Upper West Side I enjoyed an alle of linden on the campus that was sheer heaven when the blossoms were in full bloom – oh that scent! Intoxicating. I think they make linden honey in Germany, don’t they?

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