Thursday Trees: Processing mood

After this month’s study of the Hornbeam*, the desiccation of the drought and the advancement of ‘Fool’s Autumn’ was all too evident. Thus here I felt the need to use the cross-processing filter in the Lumix D6 to cast some cool blue tones…

The recent short spell of rain is only enough to fill a puddle and not nearly sufficient to satisfy the Silver birches. Lime trees however are better able to cope.

It has been a week of war memories. A centenary has passed since the start of World War 1 and yesterday was 69 years since Hiroshima. In Tavistock Square, people gathered to remember this event but in so doing we cannot help but also recall the thousands who suffered and died in Japanese prisoner of war camps.

The coppery tones of the ornamental fruit trees barely cool in the vintage cast of cross-processing history.

copper ornamental fruit trees of Tavistock Square
memories of war and thoughts of peace in Tavistock Square

* The Hornbeam of Gordon Square: Tree Following: Fool’s Autumn


10 thoughts on “Thursday Trees: Processing mood

    1. Donna, it has been big news here and maybe it will be for the USA at the WW1 centennary in 2017…although 6th June was the 70th anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy and USA lost so many on those beaches. Tavistock is also ‘peace park’ so a few commemorations to non combatants and pacifists

  1. That’s great – to me, it seems to be a culture we can learn a lot from, almost as an antidote to many western culture influences. But I’m sure I’d go nuts living there! Thanks for the follow. And guess what – today’s post has a hornbeam tunnel in it. 🙂

  2. My poor birches have had a challenging first year in the garden, I was grateful to hear the rain again in the night. That last photo, with blue tones and contrasting copper, is very striking. Distinctly otherworldly.

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