Footage Friday #1

People make such interesting subjects but since there is always the delicate matter of privacy, my camera is drawn to ground level whether it be puddles, shadows, or the annonymity of feet. 1-P1030655Having spotted the new blue trainers, the summer’s evening light and passers-by provided a series of well-heeled pedestrians…

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“Footage: a. An amount or length of film or videotape.
b. A shot or series of shots of a specified nature or subject”

Am contemplating making this a fairly regular slot –  meanwhile wishing everyone a great weekend


12 thoughts on “Footage Friday #1

  1. The shadows created in the evening light seem to take on their own shapes and become creatures in their own right. Perhaps, “Shadows” would also be a wonderful (and endlessly fascinating) theme to pursue, though it is fascinating how addictive watching anonymous shoes can be.

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