Introspectives #3

1-P1030879 Resisting the pursuit of the picturesque as well as the snap happy finger, I pause to ask myself: why did I take this shot and what was the outcome?

Although I discard more than ever I am left with  the mediocre to the almost-made-it-to-my-satisfaction. Please add your thoughts to my own critiques.

“The Holborn viaduct dragon in all its finery casts a disdainful look – at traffic below. I was aiming for contrast between fore and background but couldn’t frame it without splitting the image in two halves. Cropping off to the right wasn’t  a solution.

As I dash around the streets of Central London I’m always on the look out for the quietest routes and you do not have to stray far from the main rat run to find the network of  back streets. Besides I’m a sucker for the long, narrow shots and the curiosity that is roused by a beckoning alley.

“1. the railed boundary of St Bartholomew’s church – if only the top foliage had been better defined. 2. mews passage in Smithfield – tried it in B&W but the colours add interest – even to the distant blue rubbish bag 3. back alley mish-mash of drainpipes, window and brick – love the geometry but how to make it more interesting? 4. close-up view of 3 emphasising the exit passage and the lure of beyond but still prefer the long shot 5. colour and perspective in the Inner Temple exit to Fleet street – if only the sky had co-operated

Turning up the exposure in black and white shots adds an eery cast to the derelict and other worldly to the day-to-day

“1. shabby and covered in green netting, but in B&W this soon to be demolished piece of Smithfield suitably wears widows weeds – contrasts well with shiny new cars but shame about the triangular white sky 2. a lack of sky highlights the doomed architecture of Smithfield  but post camera it was necessary to up shading to compensate for increased exposure 3. a glimpse of Old Bailey and the defined stonework of the buildings – seems cut-off in landscape but in portrait loses the point of the far perspective

And finally:

“1. behind the demolition boarding wildflowers grow in a candy-striped window box illusion – had to cut and crop this for the best effect as often I do not get close enough to the subject 2. soft greytones and gentle contrast for pampered flowers at the Deans garden entrance, Inner Temple – one of my best shots this week.


10 thoughts on “Introspectives #3

  1. Hi Laura, I like all of your pics, especially # 3 & 4 of the alley pics. As for your concerns/questions about them – if I had taken these photos, I’d have the same questions but no answers… In my case, I often see a subject and know it could make for a great shot but then find myself unable to translate it into a picture. It’s always frustrating when it happens but luckily it only happes once in a while. What would happen if you went back to these places another day and tried to shoot the very same things again???

    1. Kiki thank you for your feedback & your interesting choice of images – shows I was on the right track at least. Absolutely right about the bafflement re making something more interesting. I’ve returned to a few places to try again and still not worked out – maybe it’s not a case of knowing but sensing?!

  2. What made you choose the wildflowers behind the demolition boarding? Was it the contrast between the industrial and the natural, or the intersection of lines presented by the window versus that of the boarding?

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