Thursday trees: Quenched

In my last tree post, I felt the need to cross-process in some blue tones in order to counter the yellowing of trees but after days of deluge, the thirst has been quenched.

Bark, twig and leaf appear varnished:-

Limes are luscious

Some foliage clings to raindrops, others stay dry with the wave of a hand


9 thoughts on “Thursday trees: Quenched

  1. Oh my, the rain-dappled ginkgo really evoked potent memory for me. How I love these trees…and what elegant beauty captured there…superb. I can smell it now, with cool rain, feeling the wet texture of the leaves…heavenly. Love the dampness of all the photos, the textures, the light filtering through that vibrant summery green. And then, the dashing squirrel. Absolutely marvelous. These images were majestic to say the least. Well-done indeed. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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