Introspectives #4

Resisting the pursuit of the picturesque as well as the snap happy finger, I pause to ask myself: why did I take this shot and what was the outcome?

From pillar to post is the subtitle of this post as my eye was drawn to the foundations of structures and the extremes of high contrast monochrome.

1.Getting an unobstructed shot of Ludgate Hill is nigh impossible so I snapped as soon as I could. Had to crop and lighten this a little  as the subjects just that bit too far and under exposed. Need a 3rd factor by the ‘slow’ in the road to complete the scene 2. Captivated by the awe-struck stance of these tourists but failed to capture the glory of St Paul’s facade 3. Without this couple, my pillared side entrance shot would have been duller

Complex architecture of St Paul’s, combining the oversized columns of the portico,  zig-zagged horizontals, curves and cupola dome. The high contrast images (1 & 2a) and over-exposed counterparts (1 & 2 b) evoke different moods – could not decide on preference. 3. More pillars; this time the weighty Victorian structure of Holborn viaduct – illustrated  by the deep shading and the very light interior

1. The lack of underside detail in the silhouetted ‘Millenium bridge contrasts nicely with the finer points of turbulence in the boat’s wake & around the piers 2. Side view of Millenium bridge has a space age appearance ruined by the ubiquitous pavement works. Could not crop higher without losing the perspective. 3. Solar-panelled Blackfriars railway bridge, shot into the sun and resulting in a rather flat image. Nearly binned this but my husband is keen on its early 20th century, city development feel – have to agree it does have a certain out-of-timeness about it.

All these shots were obtained in the pursuit of my next Monochrome Madness selection – watch this space on Wednesday to see the image that I ultimately chose (none of these).
And on Monday there’ll be a splash of colour as I did switch modes on occasion during this shoot


6 thoughts on “Introspectives #4

  1. I found your thought processes as fascinating as the shots and your tweaks Laura. I loved the way that the couple in the third photo of the first set draw attention to the pillars, but subtly. All my recent outings with my camera have been in company, which stops me taking as much time over framing shots or even working out what to shoot as I would like. Going back over the results I find myself itching to return and stand a little to the right, or wondering why on earth I bothered at all. Asking why something works – or why it doesn’t – is very educational. More thoughts with your photos please, I learn stuff!!

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