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Was going to make this a wordless post but have to say that half the beauty of autumn is the dessicating contortions of foliage. Fading from colour…to monoExif_JPEG_PICTUREExif_JPEG_PICTURE



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

20 thoughts on “Crisp

  1. Desiccating contractions…..what a wonderful turn of phrase. I’m so glad you added the words 🙂
    As for the photos I love them both, but the colours and texture of the top one is stunning

      1. Oh I cannever resist adding words…..doing a haiku is about as short as I can keep it. However I suspect that means im not a true photographer, as the images should really speak for themselves!

  2. At least I can enjoy crisp autumn leaves visually, even if my chances of being able to kick through huge crackling piles of them appear to be diminishing with every rain storm! You’ve even managed to capture the lacklustre version of autumn we appear to be getting this year, though I hear Westonbirt is a blaze of colour despite the earlier drought. Maybe my acer will give me a show…

    1. managed to kick up a few yesterday Janet despite the rains but lacklustre sums up the foliage for the most part here. Even my 2 potted Acers are not riveting – Westonbirt evidently has had more ideal conditions i.e. dry, sunny days followed by cool, dry nights

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