Experimenting with composition

The weekend’s #photo101 project is merely to practice with a variety of shots, experiment with composition, and create a gallery. It fits perfectly with my own photography class endeavour this week so with camera on P mode, I took my usual walk down by the Thames [Rollover for descriptions and click for closer view]





14 thoughts on “Experimenting with composition

  1. How lucky you are to walk along the fabulous Thames. There is nothing “usual” about such a stroll. When I worked on the south side of Vauxhall Bridge I used to walk down to Battersea or up to Westminster most days in my lunch break. Mind you when I was there the Millenium Bridge hadn’t been built.
    I too like the long view photo of the Millenium Bridge but my favourite has to be the very first picture, the waterscape.

    1. thank you Ash – yes am fortunate to have this and other landmark walks on my doorstep – Old Father Thames never fails to impress me – both Northside and on your Southbank! luckily the sun shone just at the right moment for the waterscape of St Paul’s

  2. That first river view is a classic shot, but the ones that I liked the most are the locks (which I think could have been even better if the roofline of the buildings in the background was in shot), the last Millenium Bridge shot (balanced but it has a real dynamic to it thanks to the angle of the sweep of the bridge) and your more subtle spaced out tourists with the spaced out skyscrapers beyond. BTW, I think I would have preferred the photos to work in a single gallery too, rather than split between several, as the viewing experience of the images would have felt less disjointed and comparisons between shots would have been easier.

    You make me want to go out and play with my camera too!

    1. take your points Janet especially about the locks shots but needed more of a kneeling angle and mine plus lower back are not very lubricant 😉 As for the gallery, putting this many together means quite a number are reduced to so small that the viewer cannot see – and many of us do not bother to click and enlarge! The square gallery needs even numbers

      1. Ouch! Yes, wouldn’t do to require help standing again… Interesting about the gallery, I thought the mosaic version was more flexible, but it is tricky to make photo montages work well in any screen size.

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