Introspectives #7

For this week’s photography class endeavour, I’m working with the camera on S mode. It’s equivalent to swimming with armbands whereby I prioritise a specific shutter speed whilst the camera adjusts the aperture. Between us we get correct exposure but only if my end of it is right.

  • too slow and in comes camera shake and blurry images – without a tripod
  • too fast in low light environs and there is not time enough for sufficient light to get to the sensor

The British Museum inner court seemed relatively well-lit and there was no fast action from exhibits or visitors so I experimented with altering the shutter speed between shots from 60 to 160. Even so I tweaked the lighting a little post-camera as evidently my eyes see things as being brighter than what the camera does.

f/4; 1/160
f 4.5; 1/125
f/5; 1/60
f3.7; 1/60
f/3.5; 1/125

And since I’m learning about illumination and today’s #photo101 theme is ‘the natural world’ here are paperwhite narcissi in early morning interior and fallen leaves in the last of the daylight:-

f/5.6; 1/200
f 6.3; 1/200

12 thoughts on “Introspectives #7

  1. I think I would want a life jacket! Love the narcissus shot, almost like a watercolour, and that second leaf shot captures the moment so well I almost expect to see them start to drift on the breeze.

  2. Great shots, I prefer to use shutter mode for capturing water in motion. I generally use a tripod and set the camera for 1-2 seconds, it works quire well…. 🙂

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