Play with Night Light

Playing catch-up with the #photo101 weekend two theme for a gallery of light. Instead of choosing different times of day I opted for dusk to nightfall on a Sunday round the West End of London. Since I rarely do night shots this was a slightly daunting experience, shooting uncertainly in S mode and with no tripod (I’d literally just purchased one).

I was quite pleased with the results but Shane@Wits Toopid did it so much better – Tower Bridge: Light painting


14 thoughts on “Play with Night Light

  1. I hardly ever try night (or even dusk) photography. I think I need to give it a go. I’m too lazy to lug around a tripod (even though it’s very light and travel size).
    Love your guitar pic, and also like the lights at Covent Garden.

    1. just purchased one for my photography class – has taken me a while not to feel self conscious with camera; taking a tripod would make me feel positively pretentious…for now! Give it a go Kiki!

  2. Laura, you are certainly excelling in your abilities in all kinds of lighting and weather, England has a lot of that … weather! Brilliant night shots a bit fuzzy without the tripod. Try bracing against a tree or light post or wall. Works for me when without my tripod.

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