Achieving the possible

For this week’s #photo101 theme here is my feeling of ‘Triumph’:-1-P1050503Rather like this old tree, I had surgery 6 months ago to prop up an ageing spine. Today’s follow-up up appointment confirmed that all is well. But then I knew that because with time and effort, the excellent rate of healing has meant that I’m walking again, without much discomfort and at a rate of knots that means not many younger people can overtake me!1-P1050416with a mapmywalk app as motivator, I’ve covered over 15 miles this week in just 3 walks1-P1050439 I keep the pace as best I can and eschew the temptations of the frequently placed park benches1-P1050506the vigour of youth I will never re-gain and running has never been my forte but an intermittent jog is within the bounds of possibilities. Meanwhile my achievements are a triumph of the body’s capacity to heal and the surgeon’s skills that put me back on the road to the pastoral sights of Regent’s Park….


17 thoughts on “Achieving the possible

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, and on the road again. Walking is a vital part of living to me, and I love it. I can’t understnd why so many people jump into a car under the flimsiest excuse

  2. Good news! I’ve always said that walking and gardening are the best forms of exercise. Much easier on the knees and joints (and back?) than running. Plus, they’re so much fun and allow you to live in the moment. And you don’t even realize you’re exercising (sometimes). Glad you’re recoverying nicely.

  3. gardening more difficult now with bending especially getting down low on knees that are at best creaky! Still do my neighbour’s garden and find most tasks are rejuvenating. Would love to be able to run as well – but I would swap that hope for a garden like yours ❤

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