Introspectives #9

Aside from recently undertaking introductory photography classes, I’ve been following Leanne Cole’s e-course for beginners. It’s very clearly explained and she gives exercises that help put theory into understandable practice. This one was capturing movement with shutter speed priority, ranging from 1/5s to 1/5000s

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Evidently the faster the shutter the more the moving object becomes stationary – great for clarity but less so for an impact of momentum. ISO’s need to be altered in order to cope with the speedier exposures (ranging here from 200-1600 especially as the sun’s backlighting was not consistent either). I could have put the camera on Auto ISO for this but I wanted to see the sensitivity changes for myself.

By the time I’d walked on and down to the river, the light was literally sinking. Still I tried a few shots at water as beneath the bridges the Thames swells and churns, especially in the wake of the many passing boats :

And to complete the trilogy of earth, water and air, I captured the intermittent flight of gulls, settling down at the end of the day

flurry of wings at 1/125s
freefall landing at 1/250s
pinned and winged at 1/500s

Retrospectively I could have changed the focusing mode from AF (auto) to C ( camera repeats focusing even if the subject moves) but for today there was enough to digest.

And finally, Leanne’s tip on shooting movement reminds us that the camera is not all about seeing: “When you take your photo, listen to the camera, listen to how slow or fast it is.” (In The Beginning Part 2: Photography for People Getting Their First DSLR Cameras: By Leanne Cole)


8 thoughts on “Introspectives #9

  1. I love the light and shadows in the car images, and the gulls landing are wonderful. I should check out Leanne’s e-course. I’ve gone about as far as I can, I think, just pushing buttons. It might be a good idea for me to learn what else can be done with my camera (it’s my first DSLR and I haven’t even read the manual yet!).

    1. belated response Robin as have been away but I would encourage you to get familiar with your camera πŸ˜‰ Leanne’s is a good place to begin – gave me the courage to join a class

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