christmas tree decor, somerset house, LondonI’ve few new plans for 2015 but rather intend to aim higher with my photography, having recently come to grips with manual mode and the aperture, shutter speed and iso trinity. Once I’m able to relax a focus on technicalities, I might even end up with some more interesting shots.

And one resolution this year is to be more discerning and discard more and more images that do not pass muster. Some however will be good enough to convert to photoart and post on: ‘hanging up to dry‘.

London is my canvas and it’s a dynamic mix of historic and modern vignettes, peopled by a cast of ever-changing actors. I’ve learnt to appreciate it so much more since viewing through the camera lens.

Even so, the metropolis is also populated by a forest of trees spread out amongst streets and parks. These lovely living sculptures will continue to feature fairly regularly in Thursday posts and I’ll also be choosing another specimen to document as a monthly tree follower on: ‘Tell Tale Therapy

Having recently purchased Dorothy Bohm’s book “Walls and Windows”, I’ll be resurrecting this series on Wednesdays, by way of emulation. And to equal my love of reflections, puddles will feature as and when the weather permits.

I tend to favour black and white photography and Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness‘ meme is a chance to up my game although the standard of entrants can be quite daunting. However I’ve recently read that the secret seems to lie not in converting a colour jpg image or shooting in B&W mode but rather in RAW. Now I know how to do that, I anticipate monochromes with more impact – watch this space!

And as 2014 fades out, I wish thank all my visitors and commenters who contribute that all important dynamic element to my blog(s). Happy New Year to everyone!winter sunset view from my window“The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.”
― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Digital Photo Secrets “Creating Better Black and White photos
Dorothy Bohm: “Walls and Windows”


19 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. The days are lengthening again & so it is time to make plans. I look forward to following your posts in 2015. Have a very happy New Year.

      1. I look forward to those! Earlier this month we became “wood wardens” – volunteers with the Woodland Trust, & so we begin another journey.

  2. Fab plans for your photography and art Laura and I love your canvas. I am trying to up my game a bit with my point and shoot so one day when I get a DSLR I may understand a bit more and shoot in RAW….looking forward to the New Year with you Laura!!

  3. I really look forward to seeing your photography develop over the coming year Laura. I always particularly enjoy your take on the London architecture, old and new. And the trees. And the puddles… I miss the power of raw format photography, so much fun to play with. Lots to look forward to! Enjoy.

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