Introspectives #12

Having signed up with adobe’s ‘creative cloud’ I discovered that my windows version is too aged to support the software. This was a bit of a downer not least because my creative juices had been titillated. Also I’ve been shooting raw and needed a suitable file reader:

A raw file is the image as seen by the camera’s sensor. Instead of the camera doing the image processing by turning it into a JPEG, shooting in raw allows the photographer to do the image transformations. Rather like an unprocessed film. see Cnet

Picasa 3.9. can in fact read raw files but interprets heavily on the blues and saturation and is rather noisy. This can be edited along certain levels to suit although quite a lot of ‘noise’ remains, even with sharpening.

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Fortunately my camera came with Silkypix software which gives more facilities to tweak the contrast, colour, saturation, definition etc. As here, I’ve a bit of a preference for the yellows rather than the blues – anyways it’s not a brilliant picture but serves to show what can be done post editing.

Since my subject was a grey squirrel, I took some better shots and used Silkypix for post camera mods of the raw files to monochrome:

Litter picker
Ground squirrel
Tree hugger

This series is thinking out loud as I aim to improve and learn more of photography. The images are not always for show – please feel free to add feedback.


8 thoughts on “Introspectives #12

  1. I should look into RAW and other processing as I get my finger off the auto button this summer I hope…you can certainly see aht you were talking about with the blues in Picasa…I like the yellow better too and quite a cute subject the squirrel.

  2. I started out shooting in jpeg and actually refusing to shoot in raw because I thought I didn’t need the level of editing that is possible with a raw file. Luckily I decided to give it a try later on and am now happy with it.

    Love the “litter picker” squirrel – very sharp, clear/focused pic, and the little fellow looks like he enjoys being in front of a camera.

    1. me too Kiki – jpgs are often ‘interpreted’ to my satisfaction but getting down to the raw gives me more scope and understanding – worth it with some of my better captures, like the ‘litter picker’ though ‘tree hugger’ is my fave

  3. I have been using a free, open source RAW processer called RawTherapee and I really like it. I’m running it under Linux, but their website has downloads for Windows also. The website has good, very well-organized documentation and lots of tutorials and articles about processing RAW images. When I first installed it a little over a year ago, I was overwhelmed by all those buttons and sliders, but the online information got me up and running quickly!

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