Thursday trees: Noyeau your beech

My intention had been to once again join in the celebration of London tree week by highlighting some of our urban trees that eke out an existence in the toughest of environs, whilst bringing a whole different dimension to street architecture. However family celebrations and commitments diverted attention..

…but as its that time of the week and high time I invoked these arboreal posts, what better than portraits of young beech leaves for a re-introductory Thursday trees.young beech leaves in Tavistock square
young beech leaves in Tavistock square
And for those in the know or the did not knows, young beech leaf Noyeau is a classic British liqueur: Here is the recipe:


8 thoughts on “Thursday trees: Noyeau your beech

      1. I haven’t, so I looked at the recipe, and it sounded really interesting! I wouldn’t know where to get those young beech leaves, but I have a friend who might, and if we manage to get some, I will definitely try it! This kind of recipe is totally right up my street.

  1. The light is wonderful in these photos. The leaves are beautifully highlighted. I have never heard of beech leaf Noyeau. It sounds interesting.

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