Introspectives #13

Friday is a good day to ruminate a résumé on the recent escapades of me and my camera. Primarily my time has been taken up with these two young visitors.boys at buckingham palaceAnd so soldiers were a dominant topic

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One blogger recently did a ‘In-Out’ post of changing the focus – it gave me something to try out, so thank you whoever you are. The threesome of bystanders shifts in and out to the central horseguard, drawing the viewer right into the scene. Was quite pleased with the near focus shot.

People are probably the most interesting topic for my photography and so its good to be in among the crowds, capturing passers-by whilst being caught on others cameras. Seems like a fair exchange. The light kept changing faster than I could figure the camera setting but the point of this image was freezing the activity, admittedly in one not very good shot. The colours and depth make up a little for the lack of light and shade.

tourists at buckingham palace

sculpture_horseguards_monoAnd at least this duo kept still enough for me to focus on capturing the details though I did have play around a bit with the lighting.

Get in close to your subject! This is something I am working on but without enough zoom, the pelicans of St James’ park remain stuck to their distant island. Moreover their whiteness makes for bleached out subjects most of the time so was relatively pleased with this attempt.
1-pelicans_stjamesAt the other end of the scale, the close-up capacity of my lens (14-140) is quite good but not good enough for tiny blossoms of thyme. Aimed for a bees eye view, with just one or two touches of clarity which could have been better with a tripod. But this was fading evening light and I literally had to grasp the moments.
Have a good weekend!1-small_thyme2 1-small_thyme1

This series is thinking out loud as I aim to improve and learn more of photography. The images are not always for show – please feel free to add feedback.


8 thoughts on “Introspectives #13

      1. I love to see my home through the eyes of visitors. A little like seeing the world all over again through the eyes of your children. Everything seems so fresh and new.

  1. I really like the Pelican image. Without enough zoom, great shot. I like the rest of the photos, too. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

  2. My favourites are the pelicans and the thyme. I quite like the light in the first thyme pic, the fading light gives the picture a nice atmosphere.

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