What the eyes don’t see

I have to put glasses on to clean the house these days else I overlook its grubby state until it’s quite far advanced. Even with them on there are many of the pleasanter details that I fail to see and so today I made the most of some intermittent sunshine and with camera on the tripod, the lens zoomed, I switched focus to the kitchen windowsill garden.

sage leaves and chives in dappled lime light
sage leaves and chives in dappled lime light
leaf details of French lavender
usually I’m so captivated by the blooms that I fail to notice the charm of French lavender leaves
Lavanduala . stoechas subsp. stoechas  - French lavender
aromatic, soft-toned French lavender
Lavandula stoechas subsp. stoechas French lavender
tiny bejewelled heads of deep purple tufted on top with lavender bracts
miniature scented geranium -apple
what the eyes don’t see, the heart does not grieve over…until the camera lens spots a host of aphids  blossoming with scented geranium
french lavender single blooms
woolly stems of French lavender keep the pests at bay

Having a field day with flowers on Friday – wishing everyone a good weekend

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12 thoughts on “What the eyes don’t see

      1. I find it’s always worth looking at what’s right under your nose – I find so many photo subjects that way. Provided that your glasses are clean enough to see through them 😀

            1. I see I answered one comment with the other ones reply – confusing – but it almost makes sense! Happy solstice – it was too cloudy in London to see the rising sun

              1. Ha – I hadn’t even noticed that both your suggestion and my reply were on YOUR post instead of mine. But as long as we each get what the other is talking about … 🙂

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