WPC: Roy G Biv

Fairy lights from a restaurant glow in the paintwork of a parked car, becoming a blaze of colours in passing vehicles…1-car_night_lightsand splitting the rainbow in a gallery of spectral hues for this week’s mnemonic photo challenge: ROY G BIV


7 thoughts on “WPC: Roy G Biv

  1. Hi Laura I am ‘challenging’ you to write one piece to one photo for five days and challenge someone else each day of the challenge to do the same. No pressure! Here is the link to my first attempt, as I was challenged by Holly yesterday! I think you write ( and photo) some really good stuff ( brilliant stuff) but absolutely understand if you don’t want to do this.
    Kind regards Gill 🙂


    1. Not because you’ve set the bar so high Gill 🙂 but because I’m time pressed & don’t follow challenges that I decline. Look forward to your five days of sheer poetry in words and pics – & thank you for considering me for this challenge

      1. No worries! I don’t usually do challenges and I understand completely. I realized when I asked that your time is precious, but I consider you a wordsmith and had to put you first! xxxx

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