From the windowsill garden

No apologies for another post on my windowsill lavenders – they are at the turning point of full bloom and I’ve been intoxicated by the colour of the petals in late afternoon sunshine. 1-lavender_evening1-001Not lavender hued but mauve – French mauve of course since they are Lavandula pedunculata.1-small_lavender_portrait1The rabbity ears fly like butterflies in the wind though close-up look strongly like cabbage leaves – associated with a different kind of wind.

But nothing touches the heart of a gardener so much as the plants nurtured from seed – and here they are blooming  in my windowsill herb garden. Tagetes or French Marigolds with every flower a different blend of Rembrandt red and citrus gold.
1-small_marigold_portrait1The Tagete portrait looked like it was done in a studio but with tripod, zoom and the right light have managed something similar.

And here is the first bloomer – on the way into oblivion, rolling up the carpet and and carrying that shabby chic charm all the way to end.

fading to forgotteness/ slow and rolled-gold dignity/ there is no second time

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15 thoughts on “From the windowsill garden

  1. Hi Laura,
    I can almost smell the lavender! I think when I get home from work today I’ll go straight to my pot of lavender and take a good long sniff! 🙂 The Tagetes is a gorgeous colour, might look into that for next year’s planting.
    Thanks for linking & have a great weekend!

      1. Oooh that’s interesting – I can definitely visualise a few petals in a summer drink! Will try this weekend, you might read about it 🙂

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