As we sat drawing together, my young grandson remarked that butterflies are flowers with horns and sheep are just clouds with legs. I can see his point:-clouds over fields - Edale
sheep and summer lambs
Which in turn made me think of Laws’ Quantum Sheep* poetry and with randomisation of her given lines, I can make :

Clouds graze the fields
warm white mirrors over snow sheep
drift below soft gentle sky

Wishing everyone a great weekend and to all poets out there, I’m joining Poetry Pantry again this Sunday, at my wordy blog Tell Tale Therapy. Do join in!

1. Quantum Sheep poems


11 thoughts on “Fleecy

    1. the quantum sheep poems make interesting combinations – this version I came up with seemed to suit the way the clouds sweep over the top and graze the fields. My grandson is quite a creative thinker 🙂

  1. ♥️Your poem and your grandson’s imagination put me in mind of Carl Sandburg who wrote about sheep: “I love you sheep…you are the thoughts that help me…you thousands of sheep in a procession of dusk…drumming on the hills.” Thank you for the beautiful piece.

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