WPC: Creepy

Aristolochia littoralis birthwort vine at kew gardensWith a gaping-mouthed bloom, resembling raw meat (or calico for the more poetically inclined) and an aroma of carrion that attracts flies for pollination, Aristolochia littoralis is a vigorous creeper. It may look like a creepy-crawlie eating carnivorous plant but it is not – yet is still literally and characteristically creepy enough for this week’s photo challenge

[also known as Dutchman’s pipe, pipevine, Calico flower and Birthwort. Derived from the Greek aristos, meaning best, and lochia, meaning delivery it was, according to medical belief in the doctrine of signatures, valued in child birthing because of the resemblance to a womb. Now that’s creepy!]


11 thoughts on “WPC: Creepy

  1. Definitely creepy, this gaping-mouthed bloom! But I find the two to its left and right also quite creepy as they look like fat cocoons that could burst any moment and let out something else creepy…

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