WPC: Today Was a Good Day

An August weekend when London is quiet, the temperature’s riding on a Spanish plume and just a short bus trip to where the buildings are tallest, the pavements are shadiest, and where the most modern of architecture stands upon, and alongside, antiquity.

As so often, we head out eastwards to the square mile of the City, without planning a destination – and today our exploration ended at All Hallows by the Tower. Founded in 657, the crypt reveals its layered history, originating as a Saxon church erected on the site of a Roman building, with tessellated floors still in evidence and Roman relics re-cycled in the construction of arches etc. Many fascinating historical artefacts are gathered here and it was undoubtedly one of the coolest place as London hit 31°C on Saturday.

Click top left image to start slideshow and follow panama man on what was a good day for the weekly photo challenge.

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12 thoughts on “WPC: Today Was a Good Day

    1. appreciate your opinion Sherwood – Panama man gave me the focus! It is framing I find the most difficult as in London there are people just getting in or out of the picture

  1. You had a great day out too.. a sad so fascinating about the history underneath. Was just ‘watching’ a documentary on Naples last night with its layers of history.
    I digress. Love your tour – words and pictures. Thanks for sharing your day out ! Most enjoyable 😃

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