Duo-logues #3

potower_bikesraring to go and cleanse the streets
the cycle collective chants:
‘two wheels good, four wheels bad’

front&backsflocks of narcissists seek themselves
shimmying past the shiny facades
back streets are for history and rat runs

dickens_middlesexstwhere the Dickens has the old Middlesex gone?
patients channelled into centralised conglomerates
even the name bastardised by Fitzroy

old&newLondon a labyrinth fit for a minotaur
furtive escapades of alley and passageway
gatekeepers bar the way of things to come

redseye-catching and oft-times dangerous reds
locked away for their own good
alarming food pilgrims in a pedestrian zone

Sewing scenes together as ‘duo-logues’ – a narrative series of same time, same place diptychs


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