4th Anniversary

Apparently I’ve been flying with WordPress for four years and on this blogoversary I can sum up by saying …

runner on the thames path at sundown
I’m out of steam at times but have enough energy to keep going…for another year…I think!

And here’s a nostalgic look back at the past years – click the images to read the blog posts
September 14th 2014. Celebrating 3 years with bubbles by which time I now had 3 …and a half blogs

bubble man in trafalgar square
Two bubbles found they had rainbows on their curves. They flickered out saying: “It was worth being a bubble just to have held that rainbow thirty seconds. ” C.Sandburg

September 14th 2013: On the 2nd anniversay I began a Thursday trees meme. As I wrote then:
I’m dedicating Thursdays to trees. Not so much their botany as the natural compositions- with Autumn there’ll be eye candy; Winter will bring silhouettes; Spring the freshening of foliage; Summer, the fullness of their glory .

solitary oak in surrey landscape - thursday trees
I think that I shall never read
A tree of any shape or breed –
For all its xylem and its phloem –
As fascinating as a poem.

September 15th 2012: By this first anniversary this blog had had two manifestations with a hiatus in between as I’d begun in 2011 as a “quit smoking diary’ but once the intensity of withdrawal died down, the raison d’être for posting went too. In the Spring of 2012, I decided to delete it but having trashed all the pages, a last-minute change of heart led me to reinvent eljaygee as a photoblog.

chimney stacks in Lambeth
12 months since I too became a smokeless zone!

anniversary-2x Am interested to know how many years others have been blogging and what ups and downs you’ve had.


29 thoughts on “4th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary!
    “I’m out of steam at times but have enough energy to keep going…for another year…I think!” this about sums up me and my blog(s) too. I’m half a year ahead of you – started out 2011.The first year I just fiddled with texts and photos thinking I would pick up my old poetry line. Photography was a growing hobby as well. The first year I think really nobody noticed me at all… I did not want to write about myself, so what should i write about? My travels? After a while I did that, adding my interest for nature and dogs.
    I’ve never had, like you, a goal to use a certain theme a certain day or so…maybe i should? In many ways it would have been easier. and more of being in charge…
    As it is now I have three blogs – a photo blog and a hiking blog, and Leya. This is really too much sometimes, but I like them being separated. I’m into too many challenges right now though – I should slow down…and I guess I will have to soon. Why do I do them? Maybe it’s lack of ideas or like you suggest: being out of steam.
    Let’s try another year, shall we?I would miss all the sweet people and where would all my photos go?
    What do you say?

    1. thank you Leya- I really appreciate your feedback. Like you I’ve separated my interests into 3 different blogs – do wonder though if I should not have kept them together under a magazine style theme. Anyway yes lets keep going – I love your photography. p.s since you mention poetry you might think of joining poets united on a sunday – I give it whirl every so often – on my wordy blog ofcourse!

      1. I’ll check it out! Your poetry at least…mine is long since gone, I think. I think the idea of a magazine theme sounds excellent. Should have thought of that…now I feel it’s maybe too late for me. Thank you for an interesting question!

  2. Happy anniversary! I, too, started blogging to help with quitting smoking although it was a different format in those days. I started in 1999 so it’s been about 16 years. Sometimes it feels like forever, and sometimes it feels like I just started. 🙂

    1. way to go to keep up with you Robin – what a star! blogging helped me deal with the withdrawals by keeping hands and mind occupied -thinking back now I remember how bad it felt in that first 14 days or so – sometimes wish I kept the posts I made just for the record

  3. Oh, I’m sure someone who has the energy to run more than one blog has enough steam to keep going for way more than a year, Laura 🙂
    I didn’t know this blog started out as a no smoking diary, and I like that you brought it back and started up from scratch as a photoblog. Also, I’m happy I came across your blog(s), your posts are equally interesting, entertaining and educating.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing much more & happy blog anniversary!

  4. Well, I am glad you decided to re-purpose your blog Laura! And how lovely to see the bubbles and that tree again. I had to go and look when my first post was, apparently 25th April 2009, so I have been going, on and off, for over six years now. Though I was very shy, and didn’t get out in to the community – or garner any comments – until joinging GBBD in September 2010, so I think that should serve as my start date really. And I always come back, though this last hiatus has been the longest to date, a huge gap in transmission from April to September. Ho hum, that’s life!

    1. I take heart from you and long term bloggers Janet – and the fact that time out seems to help sometimes too. I’ve been following you since Blotanical days and good to see you back with a post – off to check out your garden now

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