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Angling for light

This set of images I took on an early evening river walk back home, from London bridge to Waterloo, where the sun sets. As I inserted them, the media defaulted to medium size. Normally I opt for larger customised proportions but patterned together like this they underscore the title rather well. Each one can be viewed in detail by a simple click!

The last few dull and very rainy days are giving way to better weather. Wishing everyone a bright light weekend.

sundown river walk from London bridgethames path stair wellcatching sight of the Thames againarchitecture dwarfs the passers by in a bronze lightThames laps up the light under Blackfriarstaking it all in - north of the river

This walk followed on from one I’d had earlier in the day – detailed on my wordy blog: ‘Guided through the city’



one blog for playing with photography @ eljaygee and the other with a weakness for words @ Tell Tale Therapy

12 thoughts on “Angling for light

  1. I really really like that first shot – the bold diagonals of light and shade, and the couple caught in a pool of sunlight, and then when you look more closely the different kinds of reflections on the glass and polished stone. A wonderful walk you had, Laura.

    1. was rather hoping the light-footed joy I felt came through the lens Tish (even though footsore after a few hours of walkabout) – I’ve come to rather like a lot of modern architecture precisely because it gives something back in the facades – that building is a favourite

  2. Seeing London in this light is fascinating! Thank you. I especially fell in love with the glimpse of tall light from within the darkened hallway. It says London but not the one I am most used to seeing.

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