Thursday Trees: Autumn holiday

Monday marked the Autumnal equinox here which for me signals the start of the new season. And instead of viewing these coming months with a somewhat sad, wistfulness I can see from the trees’ perspective that it might well mean a long and welcome vacation. But maybe that’s a projection because I’m taking a week’s break now – in rural England where I can enjoy 70 acres of trees. Meanwhile….

Catalpa of Lincoln's Inn Gardens
the Catalpa is halving its heavy load of hand-sized leaves
the old Oak seems to dance under a lighter canopy
the stately London Plane already looks like it’s in rest mode

I have a fanciful belief that trees shed some of their foliage first in order that the Autumn light can filter through a filigree canopy for greater polychromatic effect. And predictions here are for a great display of leaf colour by mid-October: 

the heavy rains have meant a great growing season for trees allowing them to build up plenty of sugars in their leaves. It is these sugars that produce the rich autumnal colours when they are absorbed back into the tree to help them survive winter.” [the Forestry Commission]

So setting aside disappointments of the summer that hardly was, it looks bright and beautiful on the Fall foliage front.

1. The Forestry Commission: Autumn Colours


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  1. Have a wonderful break Laura, look forward to seeing your pics from it. And fingers crossed that it is indeed a really good Autumn, we certainly deserve a season that delights and satisfies after the paltry attempt at summer!

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