Peek treat

Prior to the annual London to Brighton veteran car run, the vehicles are exhibited at the free-to-view Regent Street Motor show. All are pre-1911 manufactured and yet some still manage to finish the 60 mile race. It is a marvellous diversion for enthusiasts as well as spectators – and since it is often too crowded to get clear views of the exhibits, I made the most of the cameras-at-the-ready opportunity and captured some street scenes instead for the weekly photo challenge: Treat

artists draws the crowds at the Regent Street Motor show
An artist draws the crowds!
blue hatted spectator at the Regent Street Motor show
Feather in her cap
family spectators at the Regent Street Motor show
lady in red at the Regent Street Motor show
colour co-ordinated

Enthusiasts can be treated to a pictorial line up of vehicles at the London to Brighton veteran car run entry listings


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