Creature of the night

1-rudolphP1100582Glowing Rudolph of Covent Garden market, especially for grandson Oliver who will be summoning his thespian skills for the eponymous part in his school play. See you there!

All this week, I’m featuring night shots from a WhoLondon Merry Christmas walk with guide Diane Burstein.  It exercised the legs as well as photographic skills though on the move without tripod is not ideal.


12 thoughts on “Creature of the night

      1. Oh I know THAT feeling… both the camera vs screen experience as well as when I look at stuff on my super-duper laptop screen / things lo0k great there and then on a large monitor it’s a total disappointment.

  1. Hi Laura,Tried to post a comment today but was not able to.Wonderful shot, you’re giving me a run for the money.Hint: To add a bit of mystical atmosphere, just breathe on the lens a bit and watch the effect.Blessings of the season,Sherwood

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