Duo-logue: Goodbye 2015

“Never look back” was my grandmother’s advice and so I say goodbye to 2015 without the usual round-up of events and with a light to see the way…farewell 2015 diptych collage

Time goes running, even
As we talk. Take the present, the future’s no one’s affair ~ Horace



9 thoughts on “Duo-logue: Goodbye 2015

    1. I think for her so much had changed irrevocably (after 2 world wars) that nostalgia could easily prompt melancholy -as it does for me if I’m not careful hence the candle lights me forward.
      Your posts are suffused with nostalgia + romance and that makes all the difference! Happy New Year 🙂

  1. Whereas I can see your grandmother’s point to an extent, we writers have to look back most of the time. That’s unless we’re SF writers of, course. Happy New Year Laura!

    1. would that be Sci Fi writers Bryan 🙄 of course John Osborne did (though George is a futures, jam tomorrow sort of a chap). I look forward to more of your critical wit or should that be witty criticism -all the best for 2016 para Angelica y tú

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