On reflection 2016

I’ve no New Year plans for this blog other than to have more enjoyment and less anxiety out of my cameras. Before the pursuit of excellence there is the chase to mediocrity and for 2016 I’m content to be a happy snapper.

self portrait reflection
loving the Lumix

I’ll be photographing just as many London landmarks, walls & windows on Wednesdays, more street scenes, some candid shots and a raft of reflections

Dispensing with only the purity of the pure shot I’m going to be making more of the Lumix’s in-camera filters as well as rambling with my Ricoh in sketchy text mode and a gritty high-contrast mono.

rambling with Ricoh in high contrast mono
rambling with Ricoh

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16 thoughts on “On reflection 2016

  1. Happy New Year Laura – I have a Lumix too, which I enjoy carting when I don’t want to carry the big camera. Fun and still a learning curve. Looking forward to more of the way you see the world in 2016 😃

      1. Hi again Laura 🙂
        Mine is a smaller mirrorless.. a GF6 I think.. pretty sure.
        It doesn’t replace my big camera, but it’s nice when I want to carry a small camera somedays.

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