Between floors

Daily life was recently interrupted with an acute illness effecting nearest and dearest but fortunately hospital has been replaced with home care and the outlook is more positive. Naturally the blogosphere has taken a back seat though I regret not being able to visit all those who stopped by my blogs recently – not least the supportive community of Poets United who gave my First Spurt poem a leg up as it were. Thank you!

Although things are looking up  it still feels as though I’m between floors, so what better way to illustrate this than a favourite theme for the camera – stairways.   stairway Russell square housestairwell at somerset house - monochromestairway at tate gallery


20 thoughts on “Between floors

  1. sorry to read of your recent worrying moments Laura, glad things are getting better, x
    my aunt worked as a house maid in the 1930s and she started as a Tweenie maid, the Tweenie maid worked with either the Parlour maid or Chamber maid depending on who’s needs were most, some days this meant flitting up and down stairs as both needed help at various times, my aunt met the young under gardener one summer when at their employers country home, she didn’t return to London at the end of summer, this was my inspiration for naming my Tweenie garden area,
    I hope being a Tweenie doesn’t become too tiring for you, look after the nurse as well as the patient, Frances
    ps. beautiful photos with wonderful angle shots

    1. fascinating history with lovely personal touch Frances – now I fully understand your garden. Live in a flat without internal stair but make use of those exterior ones to keep me fit whilst I flit between needs. If only my name was patience, or hope or even charity – these are not the easiest of times!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been having bad times and also glad to hear you are on the up, so I am sending my love hoping that helps!. Similar event here before Christmas and it has been ongoing and I nearly gave up the blog. I forced some posts out when I could but just couldn’t get around the visiting, hoping no one would notice. Everything seemed impossible actually, but it got better. I don’t mean to go on here but.I know what you mean about feeling between floors. Hope things remain better for you now. Very expressive post here Laura, keep going!~ Best wishes to you and your hubby ❤

    1. thank you for your lovely warm words Gill. ❤ Although reassuring to know that the blogosphere is not just full of carefree people in happy-go-lucky days I am sorry to hear you have had similar worries. I 'd missed your soft focused pastoral posts and wondered if you'd gone to seek brighter climes during the winter. Was therefore delighted to see your recent lucent post ⭐ – after all heading towards the light is what keeps us going…
      "Light breaks on secret lots,
      On tips of thought where thoughts smell in the rain;" [Dylan Thomas]

      1. Mark

        No problem, I like the photos on your site. I’ll definitely follow the blog.

        I think it’s good to have feedback, I like to know what people really think about my own images, good or bad. The writing I’m not so worried about – I’m no author! Thanks again.

  3. Great shots – I have a difficulty in looking down…but your series tells me you haven’t. Problems with illness and others…yes, I know about that. I almost gave up blogging, but now I feel i can do it again. So many great friendships here and the whole community world wide…not easy to give it all up. I’m glad you are here.

      1. No, it doesn’t always show – and maybe we do not want to show it either. Blogging to me is a way of staying positive as well. I guess many of us out there feel somewhat the same?

  4. That first one drew me in, Laura, but I love the others too. Sorry to hear about the nearest and dearest. You never know what life’s going to throw next but glad it’s positive news. 🙂

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