Thursday trees: first impressions

The first ‘Trees on Thursday’ post of the year with impressions of a wintry walk in Regent’s Park. Lakeside, the Willows make the boldest of statements:

winter willow lake seat
an ancient Willow backrest for a solitary sitter
a paper bark Birch blends with reeds and dessicated wildflower on the water’s edge
and Cornus mas really is a mass of golden blossom in winter
I literally could not see the wood for the trees until the lens focused on this foreground
whilst the camera failed to capture my impressions of these outlines in misty light but post camera have created just how I visualised them

13 thoughts on “Thursday trees: first impressions

  1. I was doing something similar by the river in Durham this morning. 🙂 That paper bark birch is very striking but I rather like your moody header. Have a good weekend! 🙂

      1. I wasn’t aware of it, Laura, but truth be told I struggle with challenges. By the time I’ve done mine, and a couple of good friends, another week has whizzed past 😦

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