Rambling with Ricoh in February (1)

The frequency of dull, damp and windy days turns my camera eye to black and white and so I’ve been point and shooting with the Ricoh. It’s not as though the Lumix cannot produce monochrome in auto mode but what it does not do is also give me an extra 2 B&W options:

  • high contrast mono – gritty & extreme
  • text mode – for word captures but appears like pen & ink on objects

But that is for later in the week – today a couple of straighforward monochrome shots of illuminated archways. The first has an unintentional social message in the reflection as I did not notice the street sleeper until after- click gallery to enlarge

Rambling with Ricoh CX3 once a month


13 thoughts on “Rambling with Ricoh in February (1)

  1. Mark

    Great images. I have a Ricoh GRD3 (and an old GR1 film camera) and the black and whites from the digital is superb. Love it, just need to use them more! 😉

      1. Mark

        Thank you, that’s great. I love black & white images although in the last few months I have been playing with colour a little more.

        The Ricohs give great black & whites. I have the first GRD which was excellent, but it’s got a small scratch on the lens which doesn’t effect the image too much but someone offered me a GRD3 at a good price so I got that. Haven’t got rid of the original though, you never know when you might need it! 😉

        I also have the original version of the Fuji x100 (it’s called Henry) and I’ve been hooked on it ever since I got it. Fantastic camera and there’s just something about the images that I love. It goes everywhere with me although the Ricoh is often in the bag as well!

        Thanks again for your comments, it’s good to meet you.

        1. Those Japanese street photographers would be nowhere without their GRDs! I’m learning photography backwards as it were and film is the advanced class (confess to having purchased recently a Lomo Sardina which is gathering dust whilst I take the film plunge) – look forward to seeing Henry’s output – does he have his own section on the blog?

          1. Mark

            Excellent, I love film. Henry doesn’t have his own section but that’s a great idea – I’ll steal that, thanks! 😉

  2. You’re very good at combining images so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The lettering on the windows adds pathos to the unintended social commentary. Just a very pleasing pair of compositions.

    1. actually nearly literally combined these 2 in a ‘duologue’ collage as they do seem to belong together – evidently I am drawn to illuminated archways! I do not normally take shots of street dwellers but this was an accidental inclusion and does speak volumes

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