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Rambling with Ricoh in February (2)

One of the reasons I’m giving the Ricoh an airing each month are the additional B&W modes it offers. High contrast mono gives gritty greys or clean, brisk contrasts if the exposure is increased. Text mode virtually inks the outlines  – appealing in its own right but also makes good basis for photoart edits *

ricoh mono modes
Left to Right: high contrast mono + exposure; text mode; high contrast mono

In this collaged couplet, the subject and its reflection were given slightly different exposure levels to the contrasts

ricoh mono duologue
and these two images are nearer the extremes of exposure levels for high contrast – click to enlarge

*examples at ‘hanging up to dry’ blog – text mode




playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

7 thoughts on “Rambling with Ricoh in February (2)

      1. I really like it too Laura – I started in BW film 😃
        I think you’re right – we find what we like, but it’s good to appreciate all.
        Looking forward to more 😃

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