Home and away

Even with its ubiquitous soft drink signage, being here in this warmer and more relaxed atmosphere was a real treat away from London

the buildings are prettily decorated in tiles or pastel paints and the seafood is equally colourful

even in black & white the plant life is exotic

cobbles and mosaics make for interesting and sometimes challenging promenades

and now returning home to the streets of London – can anyone guess what city I took a break in? Admiral Nelson would have know it well enough…though Wellington knew it best!

trafalgar square sunset
“Home is the sailor home from the sea…”

11 thoughts on “Home and away

  1. Looks very familiar to a location in a different country I visited back in 1998… The lions lying down and the red double-decker bus in the background tell my brain that this is Trafalgar Square. Am I right?

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