Tuesday twosomes – seeing double

Followers of my blog will know how much diptychs feature. I started out with ‘juxt-a-poses‘ where the aim is to seamlessly blend the collaged duo into one perspective, more or less, as with this urban tree and its reflectionricoh mono duologue
Such blending cannot be achieved easily, especially with colour but its not impossible. However, the diptych is effectively a conversation across time and place, so the pairing is often more effective when taken from different locales  as with these passageways. The blend occurs where the perspectives lead into each other – only  the double take reveals the seam. juxtaposed duo passageway
As its not easy to fuse diptychs my duo-logue series distinctly partitions the two, in what Biver aptly calls “a consensual interaction”
shard collage duologue
Nothing profound here though the Shard reflection is not opposite as might be assumed but much further away on the north side of the Thames…

…whereas this diptych seems to narrate one of those somewhat sad, ages of man stories – the mast and distant tree being the secondary linking factor. lisbon_lovestory

I’m about to launch into lomography and have been looking at the creative aspects of re-winding film for multiple exposures. This I’m not yet ready to try but meanwhile another of the collage facilities of Picasa 3.9 is for superimposing. The combos either do not work at all or the resulting twosome is more than the sum of the parts – I liked this couple – click to enlarge:

So now I’ve come up with the over-arching theme of ‘Twosome Tuesday’ and can join the whole series of my diptychs under one umbrella. It may not be a weekly event but it will be a regular feature.

have a La Sardina repro film camera – see Lomography

Twosome Tuesdays- for diptych mania – juxt-a-poses/duo-loges/superimposes – all in consensual interaction


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  1. Oh that is an interesting technique, one you are going to have loads of fun with I’m sure! Look forward to seeing the results, promising so far, I particularly like the second from bottom for some reason, it really makes me stop and look carefully to work out what’s what. The “ages of man” pairing is very melancholy somehow.

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