Day 1 of a Nature Challenge week

Seonaid with her beautiful ‘Breath of Green Air‘ blog has invited me to the 7 day Nature challenge. I’ve taken up the mantle not least because of the topic, because she asks so nicely, because I’m Spring cleaning my photo archive and taking stock of what kind of photography I take. It’s more image bank than portfolio but that is to be expected from a relative novice.

There are few landscapes, which make me realise that in or out of London, my camera and I search out details, particular aspects and the emotion of the moment- all of which I seem rarely to be able to convey photographically.

Living smack bang in the centre of the city, I see nature in the smallest of things so as its that time of year,  what better than to begin with a simple hatched egg on the forest floor

As part of the challenge rules, I am supposed to nominate another blogger but this is the bit I don’t like so am just happy to highlight someone instead – take a look at Ted Prescott: Tales of a Truck Driving Photographer. His two-legged deer in the snow make a great shot


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