Day 3 of a Nature Challenge week

Judging by day 1 & 2 there seems to be a bit of a theme based on minerals, perhaps because one of my regrets is not making geology my chosen study (instead of psychology!) Still perhaps the glacial history is of less interest than simply searching out and admiring the fabulous shapes, colours and patterning that go to make a pebble:-

A pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 2 to 64 millimetres based on the Krumbein phi scale of sedimentology. [I think I know now why I did not study geology].

How these marbled marvels can be relegated to such a comedown of a name I do not know but here on a pebble beach in Somerset my son and I spent an afternoon of stone balancing – and judging by this example,  his nature is more balanced than mine!stone balancing - pebble beech, somerset

AS PART OF THE CHALLENGE RULES, I AM SUPPOSED TO NOMINATE ANOTHER BLOGGER BUT THIS IS THE BIT I DON’T LIKE SO AM JUST HAPPY TO HIGHLIGHT SOMEONE INSTEAD – TAKE A LOOK AT Kiki’s Through a Lay(wo)man’s Lens. Another fabulous Friday from her today but look closer and you’ll see she’s an uber food blogger too


4 thoughts on “Day 3 of a Nature Challenge week

  1. Love the tower. You’d love the beaches round here, the geology is really wild, leading to pebbles with wonderful colours. I find some of the local beaches impossible to visit without filling my pockets, but just the shades of grey shot through with white are beautiful. Again, showcasing the beauty of the ‘ordinary’.

    1. I always come home with stones from my holiday – next door garden and fish tank testify but somehow they lose their magic when out of this setting. How lovely to be able to fill your pockets whenever Janet

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