Rambling with Ricoh in April

This ramble did not take me further than one of the Spring highlights of our deshabille communal garden. Prunus avium it is indeed, having been deposited some years ago plop bang in the Laurel bushes, by a bird no doubt.

The Wild Cherry or Geum is a tall and leggy tree although there are ample blossoms within reach of the macro lens. However, the light was not ideal for these Sakura moments and since a fox has moved in under the adjacent woodpiles the photographer was a little nervous of being suddenly routed by an angry tenant.

These elegant white flowers beloved by bees and ants need few words of introduction

and since Fridays are dedicated to flowers I’m taking my fill. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Rambling with Ricoh once a month series – making use of the CX3 facilities such as sketchy text mode, high contrast mono, and macros


6 thoughts on “Rambling with Ricoh in April

  1. Lovely shots. White flowers are challenging because you can lose detail if the white is blown out. You did well. By the way I’ve received my street photographer manual and am looking forward to looking through it on the weekend!

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