Street Photography Project: Order

The first project in Gibson’s “The Street Photographer’s manual”  involves finding order in the chaos of the crowd. The suggested task is to set the focus on a spot where people converge and capture the rhythm, balance and flow of movement.

“Believe that luck and awareness can bring order to chaos”

I chose this locale in Green Park because it has the 3 dimensions of fore, mid and background with the intersection of two paths and distant trees. The 2 signs were supposed to set the scene for the actors. However the sun was hot, the passers by fewer than anticipated and rarely did they converge in a pleasing pattern. Nevertheless….I liked the expression and body language of this long-legged, bookish young man. The pigeon gave a contrapuntal movement and the background people were quite nicely placed.

The co-incidence of the reds going in opposite directions would have made an interesting shot if  only these two had passed each other at the same time

Equally these redheads could have combined into something pleasing, as the little boy has turned attention to the board whilst father struggles onward in the heat. The shot of the young couple needed to be a fraction earlier so as not to make it look as though they are pole-axed!

“Look at the whole frame as you shoot; be aware of distractions because they can spoil a potentially good photograph”

At first sight this is an uninteresting shot and spoilt by the person occluded by the post but then I noticed the preoccupied pair had obviously been sitting under a blossom tree. The specks of petal drew my eye to the floral bunch she is holding. Thus with a zoom and crop we get contrast of present and future in the two couples and overtones of a wedding.
Of course zoom and crop breaks the cardinal code of street photography but it has shown just how close I sometimes need to be with the camera. Nothing outstanding but a good first lesson!

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Mid Month Street Photography Project from David Gibson’s manual – next month: Events


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  1. I like that you picked one spot and had your “anchors”. Gosh, it’s quite difficult! I was going to tell you that I’ve been too busy to do the project although I’ve been enjoying flipping through the book.

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