Thursday trees: mulberry and lace

Trees are terrific whatever the season and invariably I stop to admire them, whether on the streets, in the parks or outside of the metropolis. Yet contrary to blog plans, I forget to photograph them …until a recent visit to Regent’s Park with camera in tow.

It’s almost the end of Spring and on the brink of Summer, foliage is positively hirsute and even though the greenery is gorgeous, I like to view the trees in monochrome.

It’s possible that this corky bark tree is an elderly Elder – Sambucus – but I was so taken with the texture that I completely forgot to ID its leaves

Besides here is one of the trees I was actually searching for-

trunk deep in Anthriscus sylvestris it does not look much from this distance. But since this is my favourite Spring wildflower I tarried for a while. Cow parsley does little justice to its umbelliferous white delicacy so I prefer it’s more decorative name of Queen Anne’s lace

And then finally getting up close to the magnificent Morus Nigra or Black Mulberry – the flowers are understated but profuse and it looks like a good year for these sensational soft fruits. I keep a close watch.

it is just as irresistibly in colour