Street photography project: Events

Events give street photographers the chance to get up close but my reluctance to be intrusive with the camera coupled with a natural aversion for crowds made this month’s project a bit of a non-starter.

“The ethos of street photography is to be free of obligations” David Gibson

Others no doubt used the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations to good effect. I on the other hand was not in photography mood  and half-heartedly caught the tail ends as well as numerous heavy summer showers (this June forecast to be the wettest on record).

picnic in the park - event photo project
“don’t focus the camera on the main event – that is for reporters”

This very British event required some use of colour for obvious reasons but I prefer monochrome as it gives cohesion to a scene, here uniting the check umbrella with the flowers, whilst losing the distraction of other passers by. This photo needed soft contrast too.

photography event - queens 90th
please don’t rain on my parade!

Despite all the gorgeous colours of the flags, this photo still had more impact in black and white – besides it was the light that caught my eye and the sense of calm after the procession has passedstreet photography project - event in Horse Guards
One ruse for street photographers is to choose a landmark with all the hustle and bustle around it so that the camera becomes just another in the multitude of snappers. I like the busy mix of visitors with damp, flag decorated stragglers from the picnic in the park.

street photography project - event- westminster
“Even bad weather is an event especially when it’s wet and windy – it alters the way people behave on the street”

One of the best photos of this day belongs to a future street photography project which proves that the lucky capture is often the one you are not seeking! Next month the theme is sequences – where several pictures are better than one. This simple example was an unplanned happening as I like to photograph puddles. Reminded me too that I must not lose the fun of the photo.

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9 thoughts on “Street photography project: Events

  1. ““don’t focus the camera on the main event – that is for reporters” – hadn’t heard that one before but it’s very good advice!

    1. glad of that Seonaid – I can smile without enthusiasm and still laugh in the rain 😉 the flower lady did not evoke much of the event other than wet summer picnics in England but she looked lovely 🙂

  2. I like the black & white. It feels more like reportage and it cuts out distracting colours. And in the rain, it’s much moodier. Good tips too. Sometimes I don’t know what to do in events. Makes me think I have to get back to that street photography book! I put it down before I went on holiday and forgot about it!

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