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Summer is a salve

Rains and cooler weather persisted long after the solstice but now there is a bit of an upturn and in the wishlist garden it is sunshine SUMMER and I would plant….

Salvias, lots of them and this one in particular – Salvia x sclarea var. turkestanica (I think). Evidently hybridised with clary sage judging by the name and overwhelming evidence of pink bracts as the lilac hooded and white lipped flowers fade. Just caught these towards the end of full bloom but still so pretty.

This completes the week’s flower series. Happy flower Friday too!

Wishlist Gardening series – I’m occasionally making a note of plants I see and like for when I have a garden.



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

6 thoughts on “Summer is a salve

  1. Beautiful Salvia .
    I like this specie for long . I have along the side of my vegetable garden a row of small bushes of Salvia .This is very aromatic . But it is anothet variety.
    I the past I made infusions of Salvia for my wife who were suffering with the digestive system. Is not Salvi a beautiful name?” I save ”
    Love ❤

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