There’s gonna be some changes made

Often I say this but not much alters – still in my blogoshphere some plans are afoot

@meandmygrandma: After 3+ years the curtain has come down on this joint enterprise with my grand daughter. Having shared worldviews on Wednesday, she showed me how to see things more simply and to pay attention to negative space in and my grandma blog

@hanginguptodry: For a month or so I’ve put my photoart blog on the back burner whilst I consider it’s direction. I’ve needed new impetus not only on the how, but more importantly on the why, I like creating photoart. Delving deeper into the surreal world of Leonora Carrington I was struck by how often she stresses art as just a way of seeing the world- seemingly obvious but our tendency is to resort to intellectual understanding and emotions. I plan to use less realism in my photo edits  and thus hope to improve my  photographer’s eye.  This my latest photoedit is a composite crop and zoom of two images modified in SPE  – hence I notice the waterdrop of the title.

hanging up to dry photoart blog
“The task of the right eye is to peer into the telescope, while the left eye peers into the microscope” ― Leonora Carrington

@Tell Tale Therapy: Took me a while to find my voice but this wordy blog is definitely an outlet for the poet and essayist (and I use these terms loosely) though so far I’ve avoided the polemic!

@eljaygee: and here on my photoblog, not a lot of changes.  I’ll be experimenting more with the capacities of Lumix G6 and adding not so accidental selfies into my Wall and Window post. Coming up this week – a trip to the seaside by steam trainnot so accidental selfies


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  1. Coming here is rather like touching a live wire: such a burst of creative energy. Phew! I’m all charged up now. Better get back to my real writing while it lasts 🙂

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