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“Oh, what a gal, a real pipperoo”! I went to school and seaside holidays by steam train and have never lost the love for these engineering giants – click the Galatea image to start slideshow as she made her way from London to Weymouth…

Technical info:
How steam trains work


14 thoughts on “Galeria gallery

  1. What’s with the interrogation all of a sudden? Were you spying on me at Leicester, London Road Station in the 1960s? I though I recognised your face. Okay, okay, I confess, I did indeed sport a khaki anorak to keep the rain off my trainspotter’s notebook for a year or two. It wasn’t my fault; I was only twelve. Besides, anoraks weren’t condemned by the fashion Stasi back then. They were considered ‘fab gear’, to use the school playground jargon of the time. Well, maybe not exactly fab. Sadly, it wasn’t waterproof. And and neither was the ink from my fountain pen water-resistant as the label claimed Resistant, my foot! It surrendered to the slightest raindrop without even putting up a fight. Blots all over the shop!

  2. Wonderful pictures and post. I love train travel, although you’re right that modernity like coke cans etc has taken away some of yesteryear’s romanticism of china cups in the dining car.

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