August parade

A goodbye to August with a gallery of images that missed the posts! It might appear as though I never left London but most daytrips are recorded on iPhone or just with my eyes! It’s been hot and humid with rain clouds that barely bothered to spit – this combined with a washout June has meant a bumper year for mosquitoes as evidenced by the numerous bites I have.

And when not lolling in front of a fan I’ve been at the gym or focusing my Lumix G6 on architecture, angles, reflections, shadows and those easily passable details – click 1st image for slideshow enlargement

My Other Blogs:

  • The photoart blog has been gathering dust but I’ve recently  reactivated it with the first in a series of abstracts as one of the above images made an ideal subject – see Fire!
  • The featured copper beech canopy  above inspired a recent poem: summer loving