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Friday Flora 16/9/16 Blogoversary

Five flowers for Friday and the 5th year of my blogging here @eljaygee

Sun lights the spider web in rainbow colours but I preferred the high contrast mono for this scented leaved pelargonium (Geranium odorata ‘Apple’). And am specially fond of the free flowering Tagetes in the window box as I grew them from seed and they make a pretty saffronesque addition to rice dishes.

The Pelargonium peltatum (L) has glossy ivy leaves and coral pink blooms but somewhat brittle stems. Hence made these cuttings from a broken plant and they are just blooming now. Another vivid pink Autumn bloomer is Amaryllis belladonna (R) -like Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) given the nomenclature of ‘naked ladies’ because they bloom on leafless stems. Not sure I like this particular hue for September – as with Nerines.1-alium_flower_portrait2

And this stately portrait of Garlic Chive blooms (Allium tuberosum) from my windowsill herb garden is especially for Jude @smallbluegreenflowers. This month she asks us to portray our favourite flowers or unusual blooms. I love the delicacy of look and taste.




playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

22 thoughts on “Friday Flora 16/9/16 Blogoversary

    1. especially nice of you to leave a comment Donna since you are on blog leave – could be an anniversary for us since we have ‘visited’ each other quite a while now. You garden is a pleasure to visit – and am thankful to you for encouraging my poetry too

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