October parade

It’s been a dry and warm October so that Autumn has been slow to start.

Since the light at this time of year is so photogenic and with such clement weather I’ve mostly spent time walking around London streets. No matter how many times I re-visit the local sights and landmarks I never tire of them.

even with all the lovely colours of the season I still switch camera mode to Black and White to make the most of the lighting contrasts for some high definition shots (see also last week’s Shooting exercise: high drama tone drama)

November has come in with a  Northerly  aspect but there are plenty of lovely places to see out the cold, wet days – as here at the National Portrait Gallery. Stay warm!1-national-gallery


8 thoughts on “October parade

  1. Your atmospheric shots make me want to jump on a train and come to London again. It’s ages since we were there, and it was usually autumn when we made the effort. Splendid vistas, Laura. Made me suddenly think of Sir John Soane’s House/Museum. Just the time of year to go there too.

    1. London awaits you Tish! was there in Spring – ferreting round the Soane’s agglomeration and following the rake’s progress again – had just read Bryant & May’s ‘The Invisible Code’ which features this 😉

  2. I don’t think you can ever get tired of London. Well, I know I woudn’t. There’s so much to see and if I lived there I’m sure that I’d be just like you – walking around with my camera looking for that perfect view. Love the black and white shots and the National Portrait Gallery stairs (evoked some warm memories… went to their restaurant for an afternoon tea). K.

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