WPC: New Horizon

I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants this week with Adobe’s Creative Cloud combo of Photoshop and Lightroom which appears as if by magic across pc, laptop, tablet and phone. With photo editing so readily at the fingertips I’m feeling my way slowly whilst striving to improve the quality of my captures. After all bad shots can not be magicked into good ones by any editing methods. Thus photographically speaking a resolution for 2017  is:

  • get a stronger grip on photographic techniques as I readily forget what I seem to have understood
  • get a firmer grip on the Lumix G6 technicalities even though the manual is indigestible and I’m a reluctant technophile

light trails city of London and river ThamesThese London nightscapes are not accidental! Shot with slow shutter speed in low light with  intentional small camera movements, creating light trails in an oil canvas effect over the river Thames…
… and shooting molten drops straight from the horizon
light trails city of London and river ThamesThe images represent my aim for the New Year to capture and hold on to the magic and excitement that photography (usually) has for me – which fits nicely into the weekly photo challenge: New Horizon

Dedication: My virtual blogging friend, Kiki, and I met up recently when she made a brief visit to London. The pleasure of her company and enthusiasm gave a much needed impetus to my rather jaded photographer’s eye, as well as raising my game to her more skilled level. Between conversation, and with cameras in hand, we enjoyed a combined photoshoot along the Southbank to Tower Bridge – more from me on this soon and at Kiki’s photography blog: through a lay(wo)man’s lens 


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  1. Thanks for the dedication, Laura! Like your “molten drops”! I, on the the other hand, tried to get everything in focus but of course not all of it was… Looking forward to see more of your pics.

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